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Crisis incidents may result in difficult working conditions for Urban Search-and-Rescue (USaR) crews. INACHUS aims to achieve a significant time reduction related to Urban Search and Rescue (USaR) phase by providing wide-area situation awareness solutions for improved detection and localisation of the trapped victims assisted by simulation tools for predicting structural failures and a holistic decision support mechanism incorporating operational procedures and resources of relevant actors.

INACHUS will establish an effective USaR operations framework which aims at rapidly assessing the potential of locating entraped victims. 

The INACHUS Project is an EU IP project that runs from 2015 through 2018 implemented by 20 partners from 10 European countries

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Final Review of INACHUS project, in Athens, Greece 22nd of February 2019

The final review of INACHUS project will take place in Athens on the 22nd of February 2019. 

Stay tuned for the review outcomes and more information about the project!!

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