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Crisis incidents may result in difficult working conditions for Urban Search-and-Rescue (USaR) crews. INACHUS aims to achieve a significant time reduction related to Urban Search and Rescue (USaR) phase by providing:

1) Wide-area situational awareness solutions for improved detection and localisation of  trapped victim.

2) Simulation tools for predicting structural failures.

3) Holistic decision support mechanism aiding in prioritization and mission coordination.

For more information on each of the INACHUS tools and technologies, please see below:

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Simulation tools for estimating the locations of survival spaces (after a structural collapse) and identify the location of survivors for different construction types and building materials

decision & Planning

Decision and planning tools for advanced casualty and damage estimation that will be based on input coming from airborne and ground-based laser-scanning and imaging data



Integration of i) existing and novel sensors (electromagnetic, vision, chemical) for detecting and high-accurate localisation and ii) mobile phones signals for estimating the number of the trapped humans

inachus snake robot

A robot with integrated sensors, radar, cameras and a two-way communication system penetrates the rubble to pinpoint the location of trapped victims.

communication platform

A robust, resilient and interoperable communication platform to ensure that the sensors data can reach the command centre

decision support

Enhanced data analysis techniques and 3-D visualization tool of the mission place to be operated by the crisis managers and the decision makers. A suitable decision support system will be used for planning & managing complex USaR operations

wide area surveillance

A robust, resilient and interoperable communication platform to ensure that the sensors data can reach the command centre

system integration

System Integration of all the aforementioned software and hardware subcomponents (INACHUS platform)

contribution to standards

Interaction with international organizations and public authorities in the fields of USaR, through an early defined and developed User Group, to ensure strong links with the user communities and standardisation bodies

social & legal impacts

Consideration of societal impacts and legal/ethical issues of the proposed solution at the onset of the project feeding into the technical solutions


Numerous field and simulated validation tests properly designed and executed for presenting the capabilities of the INACHUS integrated platform


Appropriate training package and extensive training courses to the First Responders.

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