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final pilot

Roquebillière, Nice, France 14-15 November, 2018

INACHUS EU- funded project consortium organizes its Final Pilot at Roquebillière, Nice, France on November 14-15 2018

“We are really happy to announce the INACHUS final pilot demonstration. The INACHUS consortium has benefited from practitioner’s feedback, which has been highly valuable in the project’s development over the last four years. As we reach another critical phase in the evolution of the project – the final demonstration of the integrated INACHUS system – we count again on the expertise of our stakeholders.

The upcoming pilot demonstration, that will take place November 14-15 2018 at Roquebillière, Nice, France will serve as an opportunity for us to share the innovations of the INACHUS project.  It will also allow us to demonstrate the final solution of INACHUS and gather end user feedback.

You are welcome to join us. For more information please contact Ms. Niki Georgiou ( ) / Ms. Nathalie Bozabalian  (  )

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