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6th plenary meeting


The 6th Plenary Meeting and Workshops of the INACHUS project were held in Freiburg, Germany, from 7th to 9th November 2016. The event took place at EMI’s premises and more than thirty participants attended the meeting representing the whole INACHUS consortium.

In the frame of the INACHUS clustering activities, the INACHUS consortium welcomed the European project H2020 MOBNET, for which two partners made a very interesting presentation.

2nd EC Review

The second EC review of the INACHUS project was held on February 24th  in Athens, Greece, in the presence of our Project Officer and European Commission Experts. All work package leaders presented the second year project achievements, and demonstrations of the victim localization tools were performed.  The outcomes of this meeting were very positives with a real interest of the EC for the project technical activities.

2nd Field Test, Lyon


The second field test of the INACHUS project was held in Lyon, France, on May 31st 2017 with the main target of testing the performance of the current version of the Wide area assessment solution and collapse modelling tools. As a great opportunity to inform USaR specialists about INACHUS project developments, 6 technical demonstrations were performed with the participation of 17 end users from Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

In order to allow the end users to validate and evaluate the tools proposed, a realistic environment was created with the demolition of a real building collapse.  During the field test, the two drones developed by the partners could fly and give a 3D view of the collapsed building that was completed by the ground laser 3D images. The model of the building collapse was also performed by the partners and the output displayed. The field test was a great success with very good feedback gathered from the end users that were very interested by the tools developed in INACHUS.

7th plenary meeting


The 7th plenary meeting of INACHUS project was successfully held in Lyon (France) on June 1st and 2d. the partners had a chance to present their work and to participate to workshops for each WP. Two fruitful days with a lot of exchanges between partners and end users.

Final Event Valabre 2018 co-hosted with INSARAG meeting 2018


On October 16th, 2018, the project’s Final Event took place at Amphithéâtre Gilbert PAURIOL, Centre Euro-Méditerranéen de Simulation des Risques, Valabre, France, where the consortium had the opportunity to present the INACHUS outcomes. The event was attended by more than 40 participants traveling in from several countries around Europe. Event participants represented research institutes, universities and USAR teams.

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