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Valabre, France 16 October, 2018

INACHUS EU- funded project consortium organises its Final Event at the Amphitheatre Gilbert PAURIOL
(Amphithéâtre Gilbert PAURIOL, Centre Euro-Méditerranéen de Simulation des Risques) in Valabre, France, on October 16, 2018



On October 16th, 2018, the project’s Final Event took place at Amphithéâtre Gilbert PAURIOL, Centre Euro-Méditerranéen de Simulation des Risques, Valabre, France, where the consortium had the opportunity to present the INACHUS outcomes. The event was attended by more than 40 participants traveling in from several countries around Europe. Event participants represented research institutes, universities and USAR teams.

During a specialized workshop the project results were presented to the wider public and discussed with the expert audience. Two sessions and a round table discussion focused on the research results developed in INACHUS project were organised. The presentations covered all the major INACHUS tools and the new technologies in the USAR world. Through this program the project guests could both familiarise themselves with the INACHUS tools, but also provide their feedback and exchange information about similar or related initiatives in a worldwide scale.

The workshop programme and speaker biographies can be seen below:

Workshop programme Final

Speakers biographies

The workshop presentations can be seen here.

Also press here for media and photos from the event

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