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INACHUS kick-off meeting

The project partners gathered together for the INACHUS kick-off meeting in Athens, Greece (January 27-29, 2015).

1st end user workshop


The project partners together with end users from Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweeden and Turkey have gathered in Leiden, the Netherlands (March 8-10, 2015) participating in the 1st INACHUS end user workshop.



2nd end user workshop and 2nd plenary meeting


The project partners together with end users from France, Sweeden and Turkey have gathered in Gardane, France (June 10, 2015) participating in the 2nd INACHUS end user workshop.


The project partners participated in the 2nd Plenary meeting in Gardane, France (June 11-12, 2015).

3rd plenary meeting


The 3rd Plenary Meeting and Workshop of the  INACHUS project was held in Rome, Italy from 4th until 6th November 2015.


The meeting confirmed the good progress and good understanding among the different partners of the consortium. Finally during the last day, the members of the Consortium visited the earthquake-damaged Italian city of L'Aquila and discussed with Italian Firefighters and USaR specialists.

4th plenary meeting


On 14-17th March 2016, was held the fourth plenary meeting of the INACHUS project. Different events were carried out alongside: First Technology Implementation end user workshop and a Technical demonstration of the Wide Area Surveillance Tools for Monitoring of Collapsed Buildings performed in real conditions to illustrate the performance of the 3D mapping tools. 

5th plenary meeting and 1st field test


The 5th Plenary Meeting and Workshop of the INACHUS project was held in Stockholm, Sweden June 16-17 2016. The event took place at the Clarion Hotel and more than forty participants attended the meeting representing the whole INACHUS consortium.

This meeting followed the first field test of INACHUS project that took place in the training centre of Ågesta near Stockholm where prototypes of the INACHUS victim localization tools were tested in close to real conditions alongside with an early version of the ESS/COP.

1st EC review


The first EC review of the INACHUS project was held on June 22 in Athens, Greece, in the presence of a European Commission Expert. All work package leaders presented the first year project achievements, and demonstrations of the victim localization tools were performed. A video of the building collapse simulation was also showed (can be seen in the video folder of our web site). The outcomes of this meeting were very positives with a real interest of the EC for the project technical activities.

Workshop in Albi,France


On May 21 May, INACHUS organized  a workshop on behalf of ISCRAM2017 (May21-24 2017, Albi France): Post-Crisis Damage and Needs Assessment of Buildings for Response, Reconstruction and Recovery Planning Workshop

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